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The Company

A Pearson approved centre – delivering quality training

Mac has been a driving force in road risk management, consultancy and driver development for fleet, corporate and individuals for many years training over 50,000 individuals.

Through our proven range of consultancy services, tailored in house solutions and training courses we have helped many national and international companies and government departments to develop road risk as part of their health and safety policy and achieve both immediate and long term benefits.

Dedicated staff are on hand to ensure your needs are met in a way which you would expect of a company passionate about the reduction of risk towards employers and employees alike.

Mac has the most rigorous quality assurance and instructor standards in the industry. We can boast a winning team of instructors based around the UK who know their subject inside out. With our core of full time, employed trainers – all former Police Class 1 instructors – setting and maintaining our standards and providing the benchmark for all our services, we believe that the quality Mac provides offers unequaled value for money.

Delivering road risk solutions specifically for your business. Through years of experience Mac knows that a sustained campaign of occupational road risk, linked in with the company health and safety policy and delivered correctly to the recipients, will have an immediate impact on employee attitude, behaviour, and enhance the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility and Duty of Care programme.

Unique features of Mac are the employment of health and safety professionals and former police instructors, this ensures that quality advice and training exceed the standards expected of the client.

At Mac we believe that the old adage “one size fits all” does not apply in todays market place. The demanding pace and difference in large corporate bodies and small to medium enterprises requires that the needs of the customer should be analysed professionally and the most effective and cost efficient solutions provided.

The benefits of a successful Occupational Road Risk (ORR) strategy will alter the attitude and behaviour of employees resulting in a work force who drive defensively and safely, therefore saving costs on fuel, bent metal incidents, insurance claims and premiums, motor vehicle parts and as a result reduce the company’s carbon footprint. Incidents can often involve hidden costs of replacement of key staff should they be absent because of injury¬†either short or long term.

Many blue chip companies and government departments both national and international choose Mac as their ORR service provider, assured of a quality service which continually develops with the relationship, we enjoy a partnership with companies rather than a client – provider relationship.

Mac has been awarded the Prince Michael Award for Road Safety, not once but twice – we are the only road risk and driver training company to achieve this prestigious accolade twice.

At Mac we appreciate the current strains on individuals and departments to comply with legislation and best practice, we at Mac consider ourselves to be an all encompassing service where all your needs relating to occupational road risk can be handled and delivered in a way in which you would demand in the current market place, this in turn can free up key staff to continue with vital tasks who may be overloaded by the increased work expected of an ORR campaign.

The Mac policy of quality assured, award winning services backed with years of experience makes us the obvious and first choice provider for corporate bodies whatever the situation.

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