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How We Can Help

MAC can help every step of the way, assisting or fully delivering a successful ORR plan, one which will both benefit the organisation with return of investment and enhance the Corporate Social Responsibility programme.

Briefly outlined below are points, which should be considered:

Start tasks

  • Risk assess activities
  • Fleet Assessment of vehicle numbers and type
  • Policy review (supported by top management)
  • Driver Review (DVLA checks & Profiling)
  • Set out objectives of ORR campaign and deliver to your employees.
  • Disseminate the information within your policy to the employees
  • Disseminate the ORR campaign points you wish to convey
  • Disseminate the finding of the risk assessments to the employees

Posters, leaflets and seminars can help spread the message

  • Set out a training plan in priority order for identified employees
  • Deliver the training not forgetting to programme refresher training or when individual circumstances change
  • Fully investigate incidents and near misses. Act on the findings
  • Audit your system and strive for continual improvement

Keep the campaign alive – a “quick hit” rarely works

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