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Skills Refresher & Development

A refresher-driving course will measure against any previous training that may have taken place to ensure the positive results are maintained. Its aim is to further develop the basic skills taught (concentration, observation, anticipation and planning.)

Who will benefit?

  • companies in support of their ongoing road risk strategy and promoting good safety and welfare practices for employees
  • individuals who have had a certain amount of time lapsed since participating in their previous defensive driver training

Objectives of the course:

  • revisit core skills taught on previous driver training and develop them further
  • reaffirm an understanding of the principles and skills of defensive driving
  • demonstrate and develop a systematic approach to hazards
  • put those skills into practice
  • reduce the risk of being in an accident

What’s covered?

  • theory session covering the principles of defensive driving and the Highway Code
  • pre-drive checks to ensure the vehicle is roadworthy and the functions are familiar to the driver
  • practical coaching session to develop heightened perception skills and ‘system’ driving
  • individual driving assessment and comparison with previous results providing constructive advice and encouragement
  • discussion of learning points and key areas for developing skills further
  • reaffirm how human factors (attitude, fatigue etc.) can affect performance
  • debrief, assessment report and certificate

Duration: 1 day

Ratio: 1:1 or 2:1 pupils/trainer

Venue: Courses available throughout the UK

Vehicle: Clients’ own or MAC vehicle supplied

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