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Government Funded Training

July 17, 2015

The introduction of Energy Saving Trust (EST) training elements into our course has been a great success. Not only are clients benefiting from the Government Subsidy per employee trained, but we are also recording great improvements in MPG and with better observations employees will be less likely to be involved in a road traffic incident, it’s a win, win!

Since partnering up with the EST in 2014, we have recorded significant improvements in client’s fuel consumption. The average MPG recordings have improved from 46 MPG at the start of training to 54 MPG at the end; this is an improvement of 17%.

The improvements in MPG figures will have a noticeable reduction in employee’s fuel costs. Even if employees are only travelling 5,000 annual business miles, the client could expect to save around £80 a year, this will rise to around £300 a year for employees driving 20,000 + annual business miles.

Call the office on 01745 828180 to see find out more and arrange a course.

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