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Mac’s driver profiler put to the test by Fleet World

April 24, 2013

Our online driver profiler has been tested and reviewed in April’s edition of popular fleet magazine, Fleet World.

Natalie Middleton asked if online profiling was a miracle cure for company car driver risk and took out the time to review five different systems from across the UK.

“The idea wasn’t to benchmark the systems,” she said.

“Although in testing them I did notice some interesting ways in which the various technologies were differentiated, [and saw] if they all worked in broadly the same way and gave me the same results, thereby providing that risk profiling works.”

Here’s what was written about our online profiler:

Mac’s online profiling system is a valuable tool for evaluating the potential accident risk of a driver. As a result, it can be used to determine which drivers are most in need of an eco and defensive driver training day, and can also help an instructor to tailor driver training to the specific needs of the driver in question.

In addition to this, the resulting report highlights risk in he five personality areas (Attitude and Aggression, Alertness and Concentration, Stress, Anticipation and Violations).

Ms Middleton was pleased with what she saw from all five systems, adding: “All of the companies I spoke to were also impressively principled when I asked what percentage of drivers would be recommended for further training, saying that they wouldn’t believe in pushing a set number through just for the purpose of money making.

“And when I asked the operations director at Mac GB about what their recommended course of action would be for me (she had an ‘all-round’ low-risk score), he explained that no further training would be needed but they’d advise my employer to supply advice and guidance throughout the year by conducting several Driving Campaigns.”

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