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Fleet drivers taking more deadly risks than other motorists

January 16, 2013

Fleets are being urged to ensure they have comprehensive safe driving policies in place as new research shows that significant numbers of fleet drivers are risking devastating crashes by texting, speeding and grooming at the wheel.

The research has been released by Brake and Direct Line today and shows that people driving for business purposes are more likely than the general driving population to take risks:

  • Nearly a third (31%) text while driving, compared to 28% of non-work drivers
  • Nearly one in six (17%) admit grooming while driving, compared with 14% of non-work drivers
  • More than a third (37%) admit driving while talking on a hands-free phone, compared with 24% of non-work drivers
  • More than half (54%) admit speeding on 60mph limit roads, compared with 34% of non-work drivers
  • More than three quarters (76%) admit speeding more than 5mph above the limit on 30mph roads, compared with 62% of non-work drivers

The survey has prompted calls for employers to take action to ensure employees are safe and not putting others in danger.

Julie Townsend, Brake deputy chief executive, said: “People who drive as part of their job should be taking great care to stay within the law and not put people in danger, but according to these results, at-work drivers are more likely to take many deadly risks than other drivers.

“We are urging all employers to ensure they have comprehensive safe driving policies in place and that staff know the importance of not speeding or driving distracted. We are also calling on anyone who drives for work to make a commitment to stay within speed limits, stay off the phone, and focused on the critical task at hand.”

To read all about Mac GB’s Consultancy and Driver Policy review click the link below to open up the document (PDF)

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