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Safe Driving Campaigns Offer

November 1, 2012

We have slashed our prices on our very popular Safe Driving Campaigns for companies from now until Christmas!

The campaigns normally retail for £375 each. However, we are currently offering the discounts below for campaigns purchased upfront.

1st campaign at £375
2nd campaign at £325 = £700
3rd campaign at £275 = £975
4th campaign at £225 = £1,200
(All prices above are exclusive of VAT, currently charged at 20%)

Recently we have been conducting a number of driving campaigns for our clients. Each of the campaigns consists of the below:

Information fact sheet – Normally emailed to employees, or put on the clients intranet system.

Posters – There are at least four different posters for every campaign. All posters are sent electronically for you to print as many as required.

Follow up emails – Or on client intranet system, sent after the initial campaign.

We currently have campaigns on the following subjects.

• Winter Driving
• Driving Whilst Tired
• Mobile Phone and Electronic Equipment
• Vehicle Checks
• Other campaigns can be drawn up upon request by the client

We had a request from a client who was having difficulty convincing employees of a new policy. The policy stated that all employees, when parking at office sites, had to reverse into parking bays. In order to get employees on board and alleviate any apprehension, we produced a fact sheet and provided instructors at the different office locations, also providing practical training to employees who requested it.

The clients was happy to report that after the information and training was provided, all employees were adhering to the new policy with no complaints.

Contact us on 01745 828180 for more information.

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