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Reduction in reported injury road traffic collisions for 2010

September 2, 2011

Mac GB Ltd welcomes the 6% reduction in reported injury road traffic collisions for 2010, these are down to 208,655 compared with 2009. This downward trend continued with those killed or seriously injured (KSI), down 9% to 24,517. The average number of KSI’s annually during the period from 1994 to 1998 was 47,656 which puts the latest figures into perspective. Of more significance was the 16% reduction in fatalities, down from 2,222 to 1,857. This is the lowest since records began in 1926.

The response for the reduction are unclear, but it’s fair to say that better infrastructures, initial and post test training, in-car safety technology and the rising cost of fuel are factors.

Mac is committed to see these reductions continue, vocational driving being one of the most hazardous of occupations an individual undertakes, weather actually driving for work, or merely commuting. Mac has a variety of courses to suit fleet or the private user.

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