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Delays In Re-opening Roads After Crashes Costs UK Economy Billions

April 25, 2010

Delays in reopening roads after serious crashes costs the economy billions of pounds each year, and the congestion it causes can also lead to further accidents.

That’s the claim of the RAC Foundation, which is calling for a full-scale review of the amount of time roads are closed after serious road crashes.

The Foundation believes it is vital police properly investigate crashes where people are killed or seriously injured, but that need has to be set against the requirement to keep traffic moving. Improvements in the way crashes are investigated could benefit both road users and victims’ families, it argues.

Roads are often still closed long after an accident has taken place because of police investigations, but very little data is collected to show how many of these investigations translate into successful prosecutions, says the Foundation.

Professor Stephen Glaister, director of the RAC Foundation said: “Closed roads can cause major congestion, huge losses to the economy and in the worst cases even more accidents. The right balance has to be found between delivering justice and keeping the country moving. As the population increases and we come out of recession, traffic will grow and road closures – for whatever reason – will increasingly impact on the way we get about

Source: Driving for Better Business

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