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Crisps and Driving

April 19, 2010

It has been revealed that crisps are the most dangerous food to eat whilst driving and recent research alleges that one in twenty drivers crash or have a near miss whilst engaged in this practice. Unwrapping chocolate bars and trying to open fizzy drinks bottles cause one in ten people to crash or come very close to it.

The research also indicates that around six out of ten people regularly eat at the wheel. The research was carried out by i-kube who are the makers of a curfew device that cuts insurance premiums for young drivers by measuring driving time.

MAC Comment: Eating or Drinking whilst driving is an extremely dangerous practice and may lead to prosecution if Police allege that the Drivers attention has been distracted or his/her ability to control the vehicle properly has been impaired by eating or drinking. Furthermore, there is a need to take regular breaks from Driving on long journeys. Drivers should be aware of the advice contained in the Highway Code.

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