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Road Users’ Alliance Calls for Greater Investment in UK Roads

February 28, 2010

The best route to financial recovery and sustained growth is investment in the road network, according to the latest edition of Road File, the annual compilation of transport statistics published today by the Road Users’ Alliance (RUA).

Road File 2010 reveals that 70% of commuting and business journeys are made by car, while nearly 90% of freight is moved on the road network. Across Britain, only 8% of commuters take the train to work.

Analysis of Government spending plans shows that having devoted the majority of the transport budget to less than 10% of the need, they are now mooting that up to £35bn should be devoted to just one high speed rail line, according to the Road Users’ Alliance.

Only £4bn is budgeted each year for adding capacity to, and removing congestion from, the road network, it says.

Road File also reveals that the UK’s investment in new motorway capacity is among the lowest in Europe.

“Road users have for too long been regarded as wallets on wheels, providing an endless stream of revenue for the Government to spend on anything except the road network,” says RUA director Tim Green.

“Hard choices face whichever party leader finds himself in Downing Street after the election. Will limited public funds be wasted on a vanity project, or invested in the transport mode which moves 92% of passengers and 87% of freight?”

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