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Post Test Driving for Work Qualification for Young Drivers.

January 26, 2010

A new survey by the Driving for Better Business campaign among its almost 40 ‘business champion’ fleets discovered that not only do 90% of respondents want to see a post-test driving for work qualification for youngsters, but 71% of those questioned don’t believe the current ‘L’ driver training and testing process prepares 17-24-years-old for the challenge of at-work driving.

While the majority (76%) of ‘business champion’ fleets allow young employees to drive on business – 24% don’t – many impose restraints on them as part of their safe driving procedures.

Those measures include:

  • 48% of ‘business champion’ fleets restrict the size of vehicle young employees are allowed to drive
  • 33% restrict the performance of the vehicle
  • 19% ban youngsters from taking to the road in adverse weather conditions
  • 14% ban them driving at night.

Road crashes are the single biggest killer of young people in the UK with almost 1,200 killed or seriously injured on the roads every year. Young drivers, especially those under 20, are nearly 12 times more likely than those aged 35-65 to have caused a fatal crash than to have been innocently involved in one.

The eagerly awaited Government Road Safety Strategy for 2011 to 2010 is expected to place a greater focus on preparing youngsters for the hazards of driving.

MAC GB Ltd is vastly experienced at delivering specialist Driver Training to young and inexperienced drivers and also has accredited Driver Training programmes for the ‘At Work Driver’.

John Leighton, Managing Director of MAC GB Ltd said,’We would be delighted to talk to any organisation interested in providing a relevant, effective and accredited Driver Training programme for its young or inexperienced drivers. Effective training not only makes the young person a much safer driver but also enables them to contribute more to the business and their own development since, in many cases, there is no need to arbitrary restrict them to certain driving duties or types of vehicle’

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