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Motorists Warned of the Threat of the ‘Invisible’ Pothole

January 25, 2010

Road maintenance campaign website,, reports an increase in drivers failing to notice water-filled potholes until it was too late – leaving many counting the cost of the damage to their vehicles.

The problem is increased by the combined result of the recent wet and wintry weather conditions and longer hours of darkness during the winter.

“The icy conditions over Christmas and the New Year have created new potholes across the country and motorists need to watch out,” said Duncan McClure Fisher, of Warranty Direct, which set up the site. “Treacherous ice and snow may be at the forefront of drivers’ minds as the main hazard, but potholes are another danger they need to be aware of.” user, Deborah Hill, from Durham, caused £290 worth of damage when she hit a pothole which had filled with rain water.

Ms Hill said: “The noise was horrendous when I hit the hole, it nearly knocked my teeth out. I had to pull in because the car felt strange. The wheel had gouges round the rim and my local garage revealed that it had knocked the tracking out completely and I had to replace the wheel.”

Experts say there has been a 65 percent rise in defects on English roads alone during the past decade, with the shortfall in funding for repairs running at an estimated £1.6bn*. was set up by leading automotive warranty provider, Warranty Direct, and revealed this year that the UK’s 30 million motorists pay £1 million a day repairing damage done by potholes, with the average repair bill amounting to £240.

The UK has been lashed by record rainfall, heavy snow and icy weather recently. As the temperature continues to drop below zero, the ‘freeze and thaw’ effect that sees expanding rainwater crack the road will worsen matters further. offers advice on how to make a compensation claim from local councils should your vehicle be damaged by a pothole and allows drivers to pinpoint pothole blackspots.

For the latest news and advice, or to report a pothole, visit

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