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Rules of Road Ignorance Identified in Company Car Driver Survey

October 6, 2009

An online survey of over 1,000 company car drivers has found that just 48% have read the Highway Code since passing their driving test.

In addition, The Leasedrive Velo Group survey found just 74% drivers knew that 70mph was the national speed limit on dual carriageways.

And a slightly better 79% correctly identified 60mph as the national speed limit on single carriageways.

However, over 99% correctly stated that the national speed limit on motorways was 70mph.

Just 45% knew the minimum safe distance to be two seconds from the car in front.

Although of those who didn’t know, erred on the cautious side, with 49% saying the time interval should be three seconds.

Ninety per cent of drivers also correctly answered that they should take a break every two hours.

Worryingly, 15% of drivers surveyed had not had their eyes tested in over two years.

The results revealed that there is “room for improvement, something that could quickly be addressed by a refresher of the Highway Code,” said Roddy Graham, commercial director at Leasedrive Velo Group said.

“With around 200 road deaths and serious injuries every week involving someone driving at-work, clearly that is a good enough incentive for at-work drivers to become more familiar with the rules of the road.

“After all, about a quarter of all vehicle miles driven annually are for work purposes and that does not even take into account commuting to and from work,” he added.

Footnote: Ignorance of the advice contained in the Highway Code not only increases the risk of an accident but also increases the risk of Disqualification by Drivers committing endorsable offences unwittingly. MAC offers a range of lectures and workshops specifically designed to address the lack of essential knowledge amongst Drivers thereby providing a very inexpensive solution to meet an employer’s obligations under the Road Traffic Acts and Health and Safety legislation.

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