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Drivers Advised to Check the Expiry Date of the Photocard ID Part of their Driving Licences

October 15, 2009

July 2008 was the 10th anniversary of the introduction of photocard ID driving licences in the UK.  Drivers need to be aware that the photograph on their licence must be renewed every 10 years and they commit a summary offence if they fail to do so.

 If you are in any doubt as to when your licence requires a replacement photograph check the front of the ‘credit card’ part of your licence and the date at 4b is the date on which the photocard must be renewed.  The DVLA will send out a reminder pack two months prior to the expiry of the photograph with the details of how to update it and the charges involved, but if you have changed address without notifying DVLA you will obviously not have received / will not receive the reminder

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