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Anticipated Jump in Road Crashes in October as Motorists Forget Basics in Wet

October 13, 2009

Accident Exchange is warning of a 15% jump in road traffic accidents in October compared to the monthly average for the previous six months (April-September).

It believes that the predicted increase will be as a result of motorists’ failure to adjust from summer driving conditions to the rain, early leaf fall and greasy road surfaces of autumn.

Stopping distances on wet and slippery roads can double those of dry conditions – a vehicle travelling at 40mph will need up to 72 metres to come to a stop.

“October delivers some of the worst driving conditions of the year as the weather changes and the clocks go back, but drivers continue as if they were in the summer months. Motorists need to remember the basic laws of physics and common sense when the conditions under tyre change,” explained Gordon Grant of Accident Exchange.

In 2008, Accident Exchange reported more vehicles accidents in October than any other month.

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