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RAC Report reveals worrying extent of in-car distractions

September 17, 2009

More than a third (39%) of UK motorists are seriously distracted when driving, according to the 2009 RAC Report on Motoring.

Young drivers (17 to 24 year olds) are the most likely to lose concentration behind the wheel with more than half (55%) confessing that they become ‘seriously distracted’.

One in five young motorists said they drive while listening to music through headphones, and 16% even admitted to putting on make-up behind the steering wheel.

Although, more than a quarter (26%) of drivers between the ages of 17-24 admitted to texting while on the road, just 3% of the same group actually considered this behaviour acceptable.

David Bizley, RAC director of technical, said: “This clearly shows that in-car distractions continue to be a significant road safety issue, especially for the new generation of drivers.

“While in-car gadgets do make journeys easier and more entertaining it’s important that they are used appropriately. Even a split second distraction can have potentially disastrous consequences.”

Motorists were also asked which of their in-car gadgets and technologies they found to be most distracting, the top five were:

1. In-car music/changing CD and radio controls (57%)

2. Sat-Nav systems (41%)

3. Mobile phones (32%)

4. Air-con controls (31%)

5. Dashboard warning lights (21%)


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