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Driver distraction is a huge risk

February 19, 2009

The road safety charity Brake said driver distraction is an area that has not received the attention it deserves, with some managers concentrating on other big killers such as driver tiredness or speed.

At-work drivers could be distracted by anything from eating their lunch while in transit to entering their next destination into their sat nav – all examples of risk taking that have resulted in death.

“These are things that we wouldn’t dream of doing while operating a chain saw or some other safety critical activity,” said Brake’s chief executive Mary Williams.

“Yet all of these are things that are terribly tempting to many drivers, and many drivers do them.”

Some companies have taken bold steps to combat such risks, including the introduction of complete ban on employees using mobile phones in their cars.

Research carried out by TRL has shown talking on the phone is more likely to lengthen drivers’ reaction times than having 80mg of alcohol in the bloodstream – the current UK legal limit.

Meanwhile, road safety minister Jim Fitzpatrick speaking at Brake’s annual fleet safety conference, backed its call for managers to introduce travel plans to cut costs, save lives and reduce transport emissions.

All MAC driver training has a focus on concentration as a fundamental driving skill and MAC ensures that its Policy writing and audit services also give sufficent weight to the avoidance of unecessary distractions by employees whilst driving

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