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Motorists continue to flout Mobile Phone Law

January 28, 2009

A new survey has found that 36% of motorists still admit to using a hand-held mobile phone while driving their car, with a quarter saying they’ve done so in the past week.

However, the true figure could be much higher as 93% of motorists say they’ve seen someone else using a mobile phone at the wheel in the past seven days.

In spite of tougher penalties being introduced in 2007, which include the threat of jail if a driver is prosecuted for dangerous driving, there has been no drop in the number admitting to using a hand-held mobile over the past year.

Last year’s survey also showed that 36% admit to using their phone while driving.

Only a slight drop of 6% has been recorded since 2005.

Steve Fowler, editor of What Car?, whcih carried out the survey said: “The message is obviously not getting through – if you use a hand-held mobile phone while driving, you may end up killing yourself or others.

“Research has shown that using a mobile phone at the wheel could be more dangerous than drink driving.

“Yet it seems you don’t have to travel far to see someone who’s oblivious to the dangers – they’re all too easy to spot by their bad driving habits.”

Survey results

When did you last use a handheld mobile phone as you drove?

Today 12%
Yesterday 5%
Last week 8%
Last month 11%
Never 64%

When did you last see another motorist using a handheld mobile phone?

Today 57%
Yesterday 18%
Last week 18%
Last month 4%
Never  3%

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