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It may not be safer to go by cycle!

December 8, 2008

The number of cyclists injured in England has increased by almost a quarter in the last five years, according to official figures. (Not all on the road)

Health Minister Ben Bradshaw said 13,368 riders were admitted to English hospitals in 2006-7, up from 10,795 in 2002-3, a 23.8% increase.

In 2006-7, the latest figures available, some 1,873 cyclists were injured after colliding with cars or vans and 129 were in collisions with lorries and buses.

Some 9,191 were injured in incidents involving no other vehicles and 518 hit stationary objects. A further 208 cyclists collided with other riders and 89 crashed into people or animals.

However, the figures for 2006-7 were lower than the previous year, when 13,533 cyclists needed hospital treatment.

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