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Learning to Drive for Life

May 21, 2008

The Driving Standards Agency are seeking the widest possible participation in the Consultation Process from members of the public as well as Driving Instructors and other professionals in the industry. In order to acheive this a wide range of information is available and a number of feedback mechanisms have been created.

Experts estimate:

  • More than three hundred people were killed in accidents caused by young drivers in 2006
  • One in five car deaths involve newly qualified drivers

The Driving Standards Agency has now published a Consultation Paper with proposals for:

  • An improved driving Test
  • An improved learning process
  • Better information about instructors and improved instructor training
  • Further options for learning and qualification including a review of the Pass Plus Scheme and a single brand Advanced Driving Qualification

The Consultation period does not end until 8th September 2008 and a special Learning to Drive consultation web site has been created:

MAC administers a Pass Plus Scheme for newly qualified drivers on behalf of Road Safety Wales which already encompasses a number of the proposals made in the Learning to Drive paper. See the link from this web site

More relevant facts:

  • Driving Examiners have to physically intervene on safety grounds during one in ten practical tests
  • Drivers aged 17 to 20 years are twice as likely to make an insurance claim. The value being three times higher than other drivers
  • The current pass rate for the Practical driving Test is 44%
  • At any one time there are 1.5 million newly qualified drivers
  • 52% of newly qualified learners believe learning to drive had not prepared them for the road
  • Drivers starting aged 27 years are about a third safer then drivers starting at 17 years
  • On average learners in Britain take more than 50 hours of lessons and spend more than ¬£1,500 to get their licence.
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