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Satellite Navigation System Tips

October 18, 2007

MAC believes that satellite navigation units can be a real aid to road safety if used sensibly, once the driver is familiar with the technology and the unit does not prove to be a distraction.

We offer the following advice:

  • Think about the position of the unit and comply with the Road Traffic Act Construction and Use Regulations: The unit must not be located anywhere within the sweep of the windscreen wipers or anywhere else that would cause obstruction to the clear vision of the driver.
  • Avoid placing the unit anywhere where an airbag may be deployed
  • Programme the unit before you set off, not whilst driving
  • Have a map as a fall back and ensure you have some idea of your route before you set off (this technology is not infallible)
  • Be aware of instructions that common sense would tell you to disregard (U turns on one way streets / unit sends you off road etc)
  • Take particular care if you are driving a hired vehicle that is larger than the one you are used to: Weight / height restrictions apply and can affect your route
  • Use the audible instruction – dont read the Sat Nav
  • Remove the unit before leaving the vehicle – be aware of theft
  • Ensure the visible ring is rubbed off from the windscreen – its a giveaway
  • Dont programme your home details – thieves have been known to use these to commit further offences
  • If you need to programme in an alternative route to avoid congestion etc ensure you pull over to a safe location in order to do so – do not re-programme whilst driving

Although there is no legislation for the correct use of satellite navigation units, the police have a number of offences they can use if they believe the driver to have been “driving without due care” or failure to have proper control which could result in fines or penalty.

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